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Workshop A : Introduction to principles of Waldorf Education with Horst Hellman.

  • Education Centre level 1 Blk 141 Lor Ah Soo #01-283 Singapore (map)

Introduction to principles of Waldorf Education with Horst Hellman

Open to Parents and Teachers

These talks will cover the view of human development that informs Waldorf education in order to prepare for Ingun Schneider's seminars listed below. Participants will be introduced to background information about child development to include the fourfold and threefold view of the human being, how children learn in the first and second seven years periods of their lives and how Waldorf Education addresses these developmental stages.

There is a need to understand different rhythms in order for a child to grow up healthy and strong. However, if there are disturbances during the childhood years, this may show up as various deficiencies such as inability to focus, behaviors of fidgety and uncontrolled movements, forgetfulness and social difficulties.



Conditions :

Workshop A : Participants who have little or no knowledge of Waldorf Education must attend this workshop to proceed to Workshop B & C.

Workshop B : Welcome Parents & Teachers who have been through basic workshops/teacher training for Waldorf Education.

Workshop C : Welcome Teachers from all streams. To avoid repetition and in order to introduce more movements for the classroom, we ask that teachers first attend workshop B.

Classes will cover both theory and practice, so please come prepared to move. If you have eurythmy shoes or similar comfy sport shoewear, please bring them.

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Details of Course :

Time : 9am to 4pm DAILY for Workshops A,B,C ( Fees is inclusive of materials and exclude meals )

Workshop A :

Venue : Blk 141 Lor Ah Soo #01-283 Education Centre level 1

Date :   18th -19th March 2017

Fees:    $100

Workshop B :

Venue: Good man Art Centre , Blk B, Meeting Room 3,Level 03-19

Date :   20th-21st March 2017

Fees:    S$200 for public

            S$150 for Waldorf teachers or undergoing Waldorf training

Workshop C :

Venue: Good man Art Centre , Blk B ,Meeting Room 3, Level 03-19

Date:    22nd to 23rd March 2017

Fees:    S$200 for public

            S$150 for Waldorf or undergoing Waldorf trained teachers

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Profile of Speakers:


Ingun Schneider

Co-Director, Remedial Educational Support at Rudolf Steiner


From November 2017 Ingun will co-direct a brand new training in San Francisco, CA : Waldorf Learning Support ( WLS ) of the Chicago-based Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Program.

Ingun has been running the 26-year old three-year part-time program at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA—which is now in its last year. She has a total of 50 years of professional experience in the fields of physical therapy, childbirth education, and Waldorf education, including teacher training. Ingun travels extensively to give workshops and lectures on child development and learning difficulties. Her international work as an Educational Support mentor and consultant has taken her to Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries. Her focus is the Extra Lesson approach as developed by Waldorf educator and author Audrey McAllen. Ingun has authored many articles on development and learning and continues to teach in Waldorf communities and Extra Lesson trainings around the world.


Horst Hellmann (Lecturer and Mentor in Singapore )

Born in 1943 in Germany, Horst Hellmann has spent over 30 years teaching in Steiner schools. Since 1982 he has been conducting seminars to train Waldorf teachers, in Australia, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. He was involved in setting up 14 schools/ initiatives across Australia and Asia. Presently, he is setting up a Waldorf-Inspired School in Davao, Turburan Institute, and Dulyapat in Khonkaen, Thailand. He is also a Mentor for Waldorf Steiner School in Singapore and Main Trainer for Waldorf Primary Teacher’s Training Modules in Singapore.