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Tuesdays with Horst: A DAY IN A WALDORF SCHOOL

A series of talks on Tuesday evenings by our School Mentor, Horst Hellmann on Education. Specially designed for parents, on parental interest --- Children Discipline, & Play, Food & Life Rhythms, Learning and Parenting.



Tuesday, April 18  :  HEALTHY USE OF THE MEDIA

--- How much discipline for a child in the first 7 years?  Understanding the boundaries needed for a young child and how?

Tuesday, May 23 :   DISCIPLINE FOR  7 - 18 YEARS
--- How to create discipline for age 7-18?  Is there a discipline or boundaries needed for this age? How?

Tuesday, May 30 :   A DAY IN A WALDORF SCHOOL
 --- Wonder how your child spend his/her day in School?  How do we teach in a Waldorf/Steiner school? Come experience first hand as a student in a  Waldorf Classroom !


Born in 1943 in Germany. Horst Hellmann has spent over 30 years teaching in Steiner schools. Since 1982 he has been conducting seminars to train Waldorf teachers, in Australia, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines such as Iloilo in 2005. He was involved in setting up 14 schools/initiatives across Australia and Asia. Presently, he is setting up a Waldorf-inspired School in Davao, Tuburan Institute, and Dulyapat in Khonkaen, Thailand. He is also a Mentor for Waldorf Primary Programme Singapore and  Main Trainer for Waldorf Primary Teacher’s Training Modules in Singapore.



Tuesday Evenings, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Meeting Place: Waldorf Steiner School ( 76 Jalan Senang S'418401)

Token Fee: $20 per pax per evening talk. We welcome your donation. All fees will go into School Fundraising Initiative.

Registration LINK:


We hope to see you at the talks ! You can register more than 1 at the same time!