What is Waldorf Education?

Waldorf Education was developed by Rudolf Steiner (1865-1925) who was a highly respected scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar. Founded on his insights, Waldorf schools teach a curriculum based on that human beings are three-fold in nature, comprising of body, soul, and spirit.

One of his supporters was the industrialist, Emil Molt who invited Steiner to form a new school for the children of his workers at the Waldorf-Astoria factory. In the fall of 1919, the first Waldorf school opened its doors in Stuttgart, Germany.

It is now the fastest growing holistic schooling system worldwide.

The Waldorf Approach

Waldorf’s richly diverse and varied curriculum includes an immersion in a wide variety of artistic disciplines as well as rigorous academic work. This fully integrated approach to education engages the whole child, head, heart, and hands.

As they progress through the primary years, the student’s capacity for independent and critical thinking is carefully developed.