Our Academic Programme

We follow the Waldorf Curriculum, a brief outline is provided below

Grade 1

Fairy tales; folk tales and nature stories; pictorial and phonetic introduction to letters; form drawing; reading approached through writing; qualities of numbers; introduction to the four processes in arithmetic, and lower multiplication tables; because there is a list divided by commas.

Grade 2

Legends of saints, multicultural folklore, animal fables, reading and writing, elements of grammar, cursive, and arithmetic, including times tables, place value, carrying and borrowing.

Grade 3

Introduction to history through stories of the Hebrew people, study of practical life through farming, housing, and clothing; reading, spelling, writing, composition, grammar, punctuation and parts of speech, cursive writing practice, higher multiplication tables, weights, measures and money.

Grade 4

Norse mythology and sagas, descriptive writing, composition and letter writing, study of the animal kingdom, and fractions.

Grade 5

Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece; North American geography related to vegetation, agriculture and economics, botany, Greek letters, grammar, composition, spelling and reading, arithmetic, including decimals, ratios and proportion, introduction to the Pythagorean Theorem.

Grade 6

History of Western civilization from Rome through the Middle Ages, rise of Islam, Arthurian legends and medieval tales, geography of South America and Europe, mineralogy, physics (acoustics, magnetism, optics and heat), botany, astronomy, composition, grammar, spelling, biographies, geometric drawing with instruments, and business math.

Grade 7

History through biographies (1400 to 1700), Age of Exploration, the Renaissance and Reformation, Shakespeare class play, African geography, physics (mechanics), physiology, astronomy, inorganic chemistry, poetry composition, grammar, spelling, literature, arithmetic, introduction to Algebra and the Golden Mean.

Grade 8

Modern history, civics, world literature, short story reading and writing, world economic geography, physics (density and weight), organic chemistry, physiology, and algebra.