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Primary Chinese New Year Celebration

We like to thank Lay Koon from Grade 4-5, David Thoo from Grade 2-3 and Andrea from Grade 1 for coming forward to coordinate the potluck dishes and Loh Hei ingredients for the celebration.

This is a gentle reminder on the wearing of Chinese New Year clothing and bringing of your own bowls and chopsticks for the event.


Date 3rd February 2017

9 am Children arrive in School as usual
10.30 am Parents await at Grade 2-3 classroom
- CNY song by Grade 2-3
- 'Shadow Puppet Show' and songs by Grade 4-5
11 am Proceed to Park with Loh Hei and potluck lunch
12.30 pm Tidy up

Children approach Class teachers to collect their Mandarin oranges before going home at about 1 pm (Melissa, would you be able to check out with Jimmy on pick-up arrangement?)

For your information, the teachers will be leading the Spring cleaning in the School on the 23rd of January, Monday, 1-2pm. You are welcome to join us.

For clarification and updates, please send an email or text to Yeng Yen, tohyengyen@gmail.com .

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