School Board of Directors

Toh Yeng Yen
Ang Bee San
Choong Pei Tzin

Academic and Examination Board

Toh Yeng Yen

Wong Yuen San

Nandita Ashok

College of Teachers

Horst Hellmann

Born in 1943 in Germany. Horst Hellmann has spent over 30 years teaching in Steiner schools. Since 1982 he has been conducting seminars to train Waldorf teachers, in Australia, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines such as Iloilo in 2005. He was involved in setting up 14 schools/initiatives across Australia and Asia. Presently, he is setting up a Waldorf-inspired School in Davao, Tuburan Institute, and Dulyapat in Khonkaen, Thailand. He is also a Mentor for Waldorf Primary Programme Singapore and Main Trainer for Waldorf Primary Teacher’s Training Modules in Singapore.

Class Teachers
Wong Yuen San            Grade 1&2 Main Teacher (2018), Handwork, Artistic lessons (Drawing, Painting, Modelling)
Toh Yeng Yen                Grade 3 Main Teacher (2018), Movement & Sports, Music, Handwork, Artistic lessons (Drawing, Painting, Modelling)

Subject Teachers
Choong Pei Tzin        Chinese as Foreign Language, Speech & Drama
Nandita Ashok          Handwork

The teaching faculty is joined by part time teachers and also invites local and overseas Waldorf-trained teachers from time to time. 

School Administration

The school administration is managed by a team of personnel from diverse backgrounds:

Toh Yeng Yen                School Manager
Sheila Jatulan              Financial Accounting
Eleonora Salvemini     Enrollments Coordinator

The school administration is also supported by other dedicated professionals and volunteers.

Parents’ Committees

The school board is supported by the following parents’ groups:

Finance Committee
Committee for Community Events & Outreach
Committee for Pedagogical Education & Training

Committee for Premises Relocation

Parent Representative

Friends & Partners

International Waldorf School Movement

The Waldorf Steiner Education Association Singapore (WSEAS)

Waldorf Community Singapore